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Baltica IX
11-13 June 2013


With the increasing environmental and economical challenges in building and operating power plants, technical advances and opportunities are needed as changes can be expected in processes, fuels, equipment, and expectations of the market, customers and the society. Successful solutions to manage the future condition and performance of new and existing assets will require good understanding of the deterioration mechanisms, and efficient methods to measure and combat them in both ageing plant and introduced reduced carbon technology.


The BALTICA IX Conference aims to provide an updated review on the current and emerging methods and tools for condition and life management of thermal power plants, particularly for personnel involved with plant operation and maintenance, supply of components and services, and development and application of emerging technology. The event will focus on new issues and recent experience in evaluating and maintaining the safe and economic condition of major plant components including materials issues for new and existing plants. The Conference also aims to offer insight into improvements in the methods to evaluate major components and systems, with practical examples on cases and in-plant experience.


Työpajan ohjelma
Comadem 2013
The COMADEM 2013 is International Congress of Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management which is being held in Helsinki (11 – 13 June, 2013). Baltica IX delegates are free to attend the third day sessions of the COMADEM2013 congress.
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